Who Does The Catholic Church Believe Is God?

I like many was raised Catholic, the rituals archaic and the traditions confusing. We never questioned at that time who the church considered God. However, apparently what they kept hidden was that they considered Lucifer as their god.

As the video I have included with this post, not only do the consider Lucifer as their “god”, they also consider him the father of Jesus Christ. Could this be the secret they have kept hidden since the Catholic church was created?

The Catholic church has since it’s creation kept the believers in the dark in regards to the bible. Further, they propagated a litany of beliefs which go against Christian values, and commandments such as worshipping idols, selling indulgences, confessing sins to priests rather than going directly to God. Further, elevating Mary to a co status with Jesus Christ as savior.

The current pope has made many statements that are not only heretical, but were literally anti-christian. He said “Christ failed His Mission.” He said “atheists can go to heaven, based on their works.” He said ” Christ made Himself Satan.” Further, the pope said ” A relationship with Jesus Christ is to be avoided at all costs.”

If this hasn’t made it crystal clear that the Catholic church is not Christain. The pope claims the title ” vicar of Christ” and as such considers himself the substitute for Christ on earth. He states he is God on earth, which is blasphemous in the extreme, yet that is what he believes.

Conclusion: The Catholic church is heretical at best and a organization of satan at worst. The proclaim Lucifer their god, state that he was Jesus Christ’s father and then proclaim Jesus satan. I don’t think they could get more blasphemous if they tried. Further, I think it is abundantly clear that this organization is not Christain. The pope proclaimed himself god on earth, as such putting himself in the role of anti-christ.

I have included a video for reference on this subject.
I encourage you to research this subject as well.



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